Kongre Tarihi :27-29 Mayıs 2021
Kongre Yeri :Sakarya Üniversitesi Kültür ve Kongre Merkezi, Sakarya YOL TARİFİ

Davet Metni

IMSS is a global knowledge-enriched collaborative effort that has its roots from both academia and industry. The symposium covers a wide spectrum of topics that relate to information society, which includes technical and non-technical research areas.
The mission of IMSS symposium is to provide opportunities for collaboration of professionals and researchers to share existing and generate new knowledge in the field of information society. The symposium encapsulates the concept of interdisciplinary science that studies the societal and technological dimensions of knowledge evolution in digital society. IMSS bridges the gap between academia and industry with regards to research collaboration and awareness of current development in secure information management in the digital society.