Kongre Tarihi :6-6 Eylül 2021
Kongre Yeri :Sheraton Hotel, Bursa YOL TARİFİ
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Davet Metni

We are pleased to invite you to join to OTEKON2020, the International Conference on Automotive Technologies.  The conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel from 06-07 September, 2021, in Bursa, Türkiye. The conference theme is ‘Future of mobility, electrification and autonomous driving : New Trends in Vehicle Design and Manufacturing’. For more information about OTEKON2020, please visit the conference web site www.otekon.org for details.
OTEKON2020 will represent the continuation in a series of conferences, which was held in every two years that aim to promote the research to solve the current and future challenges in vehicle design, manufacturing and mobility. The first Automotive Technologies Congress (OTEKON2002) was organized in Bursa in 2002. After following the success of the first conference (OTEKON2002), subsequent eight OTEKON Conferences were held in every two years in Bursa.

Bursa is the city of one of Turkey's leading automotive industry region where there are several automotive production factories in Bursa and in the near region of Bursa. Bursa is the city which is also known for its rich history and culture.

Authors are invited to submit their papers on the topics outlined on conference web site using paper instructions template and link to the online submission system. The topics of OTEKON2020 are given on conference web site. We invite authors from academia and industry to participate and present their research works and to share knowledge with colleaues.

We look forward to welcoming you to OTEKON2020, join us at this major event in beautiful city Bursa.

Congress Chair
Prof. Dr. Ferruh Öztürk
Chair of Automotive Engineering Department
Engineering Faculty
Bursa Uludag University

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10. International Automotive Technologies Congress-OTEKON 2020 afişi