Kongre Tarihi :05 Ekim 2023 - 06 Ekim 2023
Kongre Yeri :The Olive Tree Hotel, İnönü Caddesi No. 89 Çatalköy - Kyrenia Cyprus, Girne

Davet Metni

Dear Scientists and Participants,


The congress, which will be held in The Olive TreeHotel (Kyrenia-TRNC) with the support of IKSAD Institute (Economic Development and Social Research Institute),will be carried out by IKSAD Publishing House. "IV. International Congressof "Rural Areas and Ecology" within the framework of InternationalSustainable Development (RUDESU2023), aims to bring together qualifiedscientists from Türkiye and abroad, to present valuable research on NaturalSciences and Ecological Sciences, with priority to Rural Area Ecosystems, toshare information and to create a common international platform.

With the congress, which will be held for the fourthtime this year, it is aimed to bring together all disciplines within thecontext of Natural Sciences as well as disciplines such as Social andHumanities and Architectural Sciences to create a common language and vision,to conduct scientific and technical discussions, and to provide multi-facetedinformation sharing for rural areas and ecosystems with interdisciplinary andmultidisciplinary studies.

RUDESU2023 meets the academic promotion criteria ofthe respective Institutions, including appointment to associate professorshipand professorship positions, both in terms of the scientific and advisory boardand the diversity of participating countries. In addition, the papers presentedin the congress are also evaluated within the scope of Academic Incentives.

The papers and panel presentations presented in thecongress will be published in the Abstract Book with Turkish and Englishabstracts or in the full text book with full texts and also in the panel bookwith panel presentations and ISBN numbers will be included in all three books.

In addition, participants who wish to submit theirpapers, which are only printed as "Abstract" in the Congress Book,can apply for publication in full text in the journals included in the TR Indexgiven on the website or scanned in international indexes, It will be possibleto publish them if appropriate within the scope of the journals' ownpublication policies and processes.  Forthis reason, Journal processes have no relationship with the CongressOrganizing Committee.

You can access all informationabout our congress at https://www.iensci.org/rudesu.


Congress President

                                       Prof.Dr. Öner DEMİREL (Kırıkkale University)          


Congress Vice Presidents

Prof.Dr.Atila GÜL (Süleyman Demirel University)

Prof.Dr.Kağan GÜNÇE (Eastern Mediterranean University-KKTC)

Doç.Dr.Ertan DÜZGÜNEŞ (Karadeniz Technical University)